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MJ Shelving is one of the world's leading manufacturers of library shelves for display and storage. We have developed library shelving, storage and display systems for public, college and school libraries across the United States, Canada and the world. Our unique product lines include System 30, Circa 2000, FocustackHD, WF 1000 (Welded Frame) and Escalook and include the best in multi-media shelving, high density shelving, periodical storage and display, mobile shelving, compact shelving, rolling carriages, DVD/CD storage and sloped display shelving.

For over two decades, our team has created top-shelf library shelving solutions. Let us help you design a library shelving system that will meet your library's functions and budget. We pride ourselves in being the most flexible library shelving system available.


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Escalook Website
Escalook Catalog (PDF)
Escalook Photo Gallery
Escalook Media Display (PDF)

Focustack Website

Welded Frame Catalog (PDF)
Welded Frame Photo Gallery

NELA S30 and WF Photo Gallery


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